Action 643 – Superman returns to Earth


Roger Stern, George Perez and Brett Breeding are the creative team as Action returns to regular sized issues, and Superman returns to Earth.


Superman lands on the roof of the Daily Planet, still carrying the Eradicator in a pouch in his cape.  Perry White and Jimmy Olsen, as well as other Planet staff run up to greet him, and Perry makes the shot of Superman lifting Jimmy the front page photo.


Cat Grant gets to the roof just after Superman leaves, dragging along “Clark Kent.”  This is Matrix, formerly Supergirl, an artificial protoplasmic super-bring created by the Lex Luthor of the Pocket Universe.  The Lex Luthor of this universe sees the Superman is back, and is glad to have someone to compete with.


Superman is rushing to rescue Lois Lane and Jose Delgado, Gangbuster, who are being attacked by a killer robot Turmoil.  The robot is acting to help Morgan Edge by eliminating the witnesses for his trial, but is drawing far too much attention, which does Edge no good.  He pleads with Darkseid to stop Turmoil, but Darkseid refuses.  When Superman arrives to arrest him, Edge collapses from a heart attack.


And we see that Edge was never actually talking to Darkseid, just DeSaad impersonating hi

Superman had left the Eradictor on the shelf at his apartment.  But the Matrix Clark Kent comes home, and their contact creates an explosion.

The story continues in the pages of Superman.



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