Action 645 – Maxima debuts


Maxima, a captivating new villain has a memorable debut in Stern, Perez and Breeding’s story in Action 645 (Sept. 89).


Maxima is silent until the final page of the story, travelling with a companion who gives her a lot of status.  Mind you, Maxima carries herself with regal bearing, and shows some deadly powers.


She comes to the Daily Planet, searching for Superman.  Perry White and Lois Lane fall under her spell, but Maxima learns less than she wanted.  Superman himself is back in Smallville, checking on Lana, recuperating after last issue.

Knowing that Superman comes to the sight of big crimes, Sazu and Maxima invade city hall and hold the mayor hostage.  Maggie Sawyer and Dan Turpin lead the MSCU against them, but its Superman who is the main attraction.


Maxima seems quite taken when she sees him in action, but Sazu is infuriated by his weakness, the fact that he does not kill.

Sazu seems to destroy Maxima, insisting that Superman is not worthy of her.


But the end makes it clear that Maxima is still alive, and that she and Sazu are aliens.

Maxima returns in a couple of issues.


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