Action 646 – Antarctic bug


Roger Stern is joined by Keith Giffen and Dennis Janke for Action 646 (Oct. 89).


This issue follows events in this month’s Adventures of Superman, in which Superman disposes of the Eradicator in Antarctica.  Shortly afterwards, he comes across the trail of an alien bug, left behind many years earlier, which lay dormant up till now.


The issue also touches on Brainiac, being held as a drugged captive in a Lexcorp facility, watched over by Gretchen Kelly and Happersen.  They are trying to keep Brainiac’s faltering body alive, unaware that his mental powers are still functioning.


But this issue is mostly a big fun battle between Superman and the scary giant bug.


Superman succeeds in destroying the creature, and flies away, wondering what caused it to come to life.  We see the answer. The Eradicator.


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