Action 648 – Superman vs the Brainiac/Metallo team


Stern, Perez, Gammil and Breeding continue with Brainiac’s power play in Action 648 (Dec. 89).


Brainiac has had the Lexcorp workers under his mental control find and assemble all the pieces to Metallo.  The robotic villain had been disassembled after being defeated by Superman and the Doom Patrol the previous year.


Brainiac also provides Metallo with a small army of identical bodies, primed to explode.  Superman has to deal with this assault on Lex Luthor, trying to destroy the army without killing Metallo.


And while Brainiac would not be displeased if Metallo succeeds, he is also using the villain as a distraction, while he proceeds with his own plans.  The human body he is residing in is dying from being possessed by the alien mind, and he orders himself to be placed in cryogenic suspension.  This has the pleasant, if unexpected, side effect of boosting his mental powers.  Brainiac mentally explores further, and discovers the existence of Cadmus, the secret government organization, although his mental probe is detected by Dubbilex.


Superman wins against Metallo, finding the real one and severing his robotic limbs.  But Luthor, coming to check on Brainiac, winds up in his hands.


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