Action 650 – everyone is heading for Earth


Action 650 (Feb. 90) is an excellent, oversized anniversary issue, which recaps Superman’s origin, and the events of his series so far, as well as clarifying some elements taken from pre-Crisis, and setting up the next big storyline.  There is a large creative team on this story: Stern, Perez, Gammil and Breeding are joined by Jerry Ordway, Curt Swan, Bob McLeod, Art Thibert, Dan Jurgens and Dennis Janke.


The story begins as we catch up with Dragga, who wears a Superman uniform as a sign of his defeat by the man.  He hires a “space cabbie,” K’raamdyn (named for Jacki Gleason’s character on The Honeymooners) to bring him to Earth for a rematch.


Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen have scenes in which they recall their relationships with Superman.  Jimmy’s experiences have not been positive recently, and he removes his signal watch, putting it in a safe deposit box.  The Flash is with the Justice League International members Martian Manhunter, Fire, Ice and Power Girl as he celebrates his win racing against Superman.  The Martian Manhunter talks about Superman’s history with the Justice League of America.  He cites the battle against Xotar as Superman’s first meeting with the team.  And, in fact, that was the first Justice League story in which he played a significant role.  Black Canary is retconned into this adventure, replacing Wonder Woman.


Superman is also cited to have joined the Justice League in the battles against Starbreaker, and with Adam Strange against Kanjar Ro.  The Justice League/Justice Society team-up that saw them on Apokolips is also kept in continuity.


Sazu has been given a lawyer, who learns that the Maxima she is charged with killing was just a simulacrum.  He wants her released, but Maggie Sawyer and Dan Turpin have no intention of doing so.  Maxima continues her voyage to Earth, envisioning Superman as her lover and warlord.

And on the final page, we see that Lobo is Earth bound as well.


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