Action 658 – Superman vs Sinbad


William Messner-Loebs, Curt Swan and Dennis Janke step in for an issue, as they conclude the Sinbad story arc in Action 658 (Oct. 90).


Young Davood Nassur gained super-powers after the meta-gene bomb explosion at the end of Invasion!, and this storyline follows his manipulation by Lexcorp.  He has a belt that boosts his strength, and allows him to fly and levitate objects.  But the press have labelled him a terrorist, and Clark Kent comes to interview his family, and get the truth.


Sinbad’s attempt to talk to the police turns into a shootout.  Maggie Sawyer and Dan Turpin have bought into the terrorist story, not suspecting Luthor’s guiding hand.


With the belt, Sinbad is able to take on Superman.  Impressive. Lex Luthor sends a spaceship to attack him.  Because, when you own a spaceship, why not use it as a weapon?


Superman carries it away before it explodes, and Sinbad burns out his belt saving the crowd by absorbing the shockwave.

Seen to be a hero, Luthor shifts all the blame onto one of his staff.  And though the public believe that, with the belt gone, his powers are gone as well, we see that Davood still had them.

Sinbad returns in the following year, but never becomes a regular supporting cast member.



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