Action 659 – Breakout at Stryker’s Island


Chapter three of Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite sees Superman struggle to convince people he still has his powers, thanks to Stern, McLeod and Breeding, in Action 659 (Nov. 90).


Starman uses his shape changing powers to impersonate Superman, doing flybys in Metropolis, and taunting Luthor, which allows him to retrieve the “red kryptonite.”  Emil Hamilton studies the rock, and builds a metallic suit for Superman to duplicate his abilities.


Mxyzptlk pops up to let Luthor know he had been conned.  Mxyzptlk created the red kryptonite in the first place, and it really has no power.  Mxyzptlk’s magic caused the power loss.


When Killgrave leads a mass breakout from Stryker’s Island, Starman flies in as Superman to put it down, but fails, and falls.  Gangbuster and the Guardian help out, and Superman marches in in the armored suit.


It’s quite a funny scene as he approaches Killgrave, who cannot figure out why he is wearing the suit and walking, which terrifies him.  His big gun succeeds only at removing the suit itself, and Killgrave flees, but gets caught on the way.

Still, with no powers, and no idea how to get them back, Superman is not happy.

The story concludes in next month’s Superman.


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