Action 661 – Plastic Man comes to Metropolis


Plastic Man and his sidekick, Woozy Winks, come to town on the track of a killer in the Stern, McLeaod and Breeding story in Action 661 (Jan. 91).


Jimmy Olsen runs into the wacky pair at the airport, and is with them for most of their storyline.  Superman stays quite separate for much of this, which helps.


Superman is pursuing Intergang, and although Mannheim and Sweet Lelani destroy their files, Superman finds a notation about someone known as T.B. coming in to town that day.  And Plastic Man is pursuing a killer named Time Bomb.  Are the two things related?


Well, no, actually.  Which is sort of refreshing.  Plastic Man gets his wild action sequence, and Superman finishes off Time Bomb, whom he assumes the note referred to.  In fact, TB is Tiny Bubbles, an Amazon-sized friend of Lelani.

Plastic Man had most recently appeared in his own, four-issue miniseries the previous year.  He appears from time to time in the Superman books.


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