Action 667 – Superman vs Krypton Man inside the soul gem


In Action 667 (July 1991), Stern, Ordway, Mooney, Grummett, Thibert, Bogdanove, Swan, Jurgens, Janke and Rodier conclude a four-part story, comprised entirely of double-seized issues, that pits Superman against the Krypton Man, formed from the Eradicator.

Because each issue has so many pages, the story makes the most of the large supporting cast.  Overall, that was one of the finest things of the Superman reboot.  The extensive cast, and the development of those characters.


The Krypton Man is bent on remaking Earth into Krypton, which is causing tidal catastrophes and earthquakes.  Perry and Alice are on the same ship as Ma and Pa Kent, and they are keeping people calm.  Jose Delgado is doing the same thing for Cat Grant, and promises to find her lost son, Adam, as Gangbuster.


Pete Ross and Lana Lang are now working with Senator Caldwell, and living in Washington DC, as well as dating.


While Lois is covering events, and giving emotional support to Superman, Jimmy is on a downhill slide, losing his film in a crevice.


Emil Hamilton, trapped in the remains of the Fortress, has to face off against the Krypton Man, and does an admirable job, using the Kryptonian Battle Suit.


Adam Grant does get into trouble, but it’s Bibbo who saves him, and brings him to his bar, until Gangbuster finds them there.


Superman gets alerted by Hamilton, and heads to the Fortress.  He holds off the Krypton Man, and Emil puts together the soul gem, which sucks them all in.


The Eradicator has no soul as such, and as a technology from Krypton is unable to coalesce inside a Earth magic item.  The gem and the Eradicator destroy each other, freeing Superman and Emil Hamilton.

Superman believes he has seen the last of the Eradicator. Wrong.



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