Action 669 – Rose and Thorn returns


Rose and Thorn, a former supporting character from the Superman books in the early 70s, returns to the Superman series in Action 669 (Sept. 91), by Stern, McLeod and Rodier.  The story pits her against Intergang, instead of the 100, and has no element of her split personality.  Rose and Thorn had more recently appeared in issues of Booster Gold.


Mannheim is unhappy that Intergang is no longer seen as the power that it was.  Tiny Bubbles and Sweet Lelani show themselves to be muscle, rather than eye candy.


Following their cruise, the Kents are in Metropolis, and Lois and Clark arrange a meeting between them and Lois’ parents, the prissy Ella Lane and right wing ex-marine Sam.  Lucy is the only one who enjoys the humourously awkward dinner.


Rose and Thorn – or just Thorn, I guess, as we never see Rose in this story – is after Intergang, and runs into Superman along the way.


Together they take down Tiny Bubbles and Sweet Lelani, and nix Mannheim’s goal of showing how powerful Intergang is.

Rose and Thorn remains an occasional supporting character in the Superman books.





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