Action 672 – checking out Lex Luthor Jr


Stern, McLeod and Rodier put the spotlight on Lex Luthor Jr in Action 672 (Dec. 91).


Lex Jr manages to end the strike at the Daily Planet, promising to increase the ad revenues of the paper to their former level, which would allow management to meet the striker’s demands.  Everyone is happy about this except Perry White, whose experience with Lex’s father prevents him from trusting the son.


Lex meets with Lois Lane, who gives him a run down on his father’s evil doings.  It reduces Lex jr to tears, and he makes a comment about it being like finding out one’s father is Hitler.  He impresses Lois enough that she agrees to set up a meeting with Superman.


Lex Jr cries at this meeting as well, and impresses Superman with his openness and sincerity.


The final panel is the crowning glory of the story, as we see that Lex Jr is just as cunning and manipulative as his father, but now has played the city to gain all the goodwill that his predecessor had lost.


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