Action 673 – Superman vs Mannheim


Hellgrammite makes his post-Crisis debut in Action 673 (Jan. 92), but despite his prominence on the cover, the character has only one quick scene in Stern, McLeod and Rodier’s story.


It’s Thanksgiving, and we see the Lanes family dinner, as Lucy worries about Jimmy. Broke and homeless, Jimmy winds up at Bibbo’s bar, getting a free dinner there.


Superman has been rooting out Intergang lairs, and finds a high tech base of their, bringing Maggie Sawyer and Emil Hamilton to explore it.


Mannheim uses a Boom Tube to escape from prison, and reaches the lair himself, retrieving a armored suit he uses to challenge Superman.


Two two face off, but Mannheim does not have a chance.  He tries to flee to Apokolips, but Superman shorts out the Boom Tube, and he vanishes.  What happens to Mannheim?  We don’t really find out for a number of years.


And oh, yeah, the Hellgrammite scene.  One of Luthor’s employees, who had run afoul of the father, fears the son, and hires Hellgrammite to kill him.


The issue ends as we learn that Lana Lang and Pete Ross are getting married.



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