Action 674 – Dragga vs Matrix


Action 674 (Feb. 92) is a prologue to the Panic in the Sky story arc, which will run through the Superman books for the next two months.


Stern, McLeod and Rodier take us to a busy alien bar.  Dragga is trying to convince K’raamdyn to return to Earth, but has no money to pay for it.  Maxima informs Dragga that she can get him to Superman, if he will kill him for her.


But the Superman they run into is not the right one.  Dragga fights Matrix, who still believes himself to be Superman.


Unconscious, Matric reverts to its original form, Supergirl.  Dragga and Maxima are both puzzled, but Maxima bring the two aboard a giant ship.


Maxima has allied with Brainiac, and Dragga joins him as well.  Figuring that Matrix may be of use, Brainiac takes control of Supergirl’s mind, and heads for Earth.


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