Action 676 – Supergirl meets Lex Luthor, Jr


A dangerous romance begins in Action 676 (April 1992), by Roger Stern, Jackson Guice and Denis Rodier.


Lex Luthor Jr is the man of the hour, after his help during Brainiac’s invasion, ending the blackout and reviving the economy of Metropolis. He hosts a big party on his private yacht, to which Lois and Clark are invited.  Hellgrammite figures this is the time and the place to make his move.


Superman has a much more difficult time with the bug-man than he expects, and though he stops Hellgrammite from killing Luthor, the villain escapes.


A Lexcorp team find an unconscious Supergirl in the desert, where she had fallen at the end of Panic in the Sky.  Matrix had been created by the Lex Luthor of her world, and when she sees Lex Jr, she thinks it’s her old beau.



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