Action 680 – Lord Satanus unmasked


Action 680 is the second part of the Blaze/Satanus war, as Blaze uses the vulnerable Foswell as her tool against her brother, Lord Satanus, by Stern, Guice and Rodier.


Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen were all in the Newstime building when Blaze used Foswell to release her forces.  Collin Thornton changed to Lord Satanus (none of the characters are aware of hits double identity), and joins Superman in fighting off the beasties.  Satanus seals off the building, so no one can enter or leave, to prevent the creatures from getting out.  But news of this prompts Maggie Sawyer to show up, and use heavy weaponry against the barrier.


Without his mask, Satanus does not resemble Thornton.  But also does not look much like someone Superman would trust.


Blaze has taken a much more pleasing form to seduce Foswell, and prey on his fears an insecurities.


Supergirl shows up, against Lex’s advice, and starts to pound away at the barrier as well.  Afraid that it will break, Lord Satanus moves the entire building to another realm.



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