Action 683 – the Jackal debuts


Stern, Guice and Rodier tread the line between hero and villain as they introduce the Jackal in Action 683 (Nov. 92).


The Jackal travels the rails, using his animal nature kill criminals he comes across.  In his mind, he is a good guy, but to the police he is a serial killer on the loose.


Superman winds up getting help from Robin on the case, searching the trail of bodies across the US.


The Jackal is genuinely surprised, and even hurt, when Superman sees him as a villain to be rounded up.  He attempts to fight back, but has no chance.

The Jackal makes a return a couple of years down the road, in the Superman – Man of Tomorrow series.


Each Superman book this last month has ended with a page of the fist pounding the door, ripping through the suit. This week, the door busts open.  Next week, in Superman – The Man of Steel, the Death of Superman begins.


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