Action 685 – the fight over the corpse


Sueprgirl is listed as the star of this issue, but Action 685 (Dec. 92) is really a wide-ranging story, by Stern, Guice and Rodier, and the second chapter of Funeral for a Friend.


Cadmus wants the corpse of Superman, and the Guardian gets into a conflict with Maggie Sawyer, Dan Turpin and the MSCU over his corpse.  Supergirl dives down into the midst of the debacle to bring some sanity, and the MSCU remove his body.


The issue, in fact this who story arc, has no many great little scenes.  Lana Lang calls the Kents, after seeing the news of Superman’s death.


Luthor erupts with anger over the corpse of Doomsday, furious that this creature succeeded where he failed.


Supergirl takes to the streets of Metropolis, patrolling with a more serious nature than she has displayed to date.


Even the ending, with Bibbo praying, made me choke up.

The story continues in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.


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