Action 687 – the obvious one


After a break of a couple of months, Action Comics 687 brings back Stern, Guice and Rodier, as each of the Superman books explores one of the candidates claimed as the “real” Superman, in Reign of the Supermen.


This one is so obviously the Eradicator.  He even resembles the form he has had Krypton Man, and manifests in the Fortress of Solitude.


He heads to Metropolis, in a sequence that must have occurred before Adventures of Superman 500, and charges his form off of Superman’s corpse, while it is still in the tomb.


As a humourous sidelight, Bibbo also decides to dress and act like Superman.


The Last Son of Krypton, as he is called in this story, shows cold ruthlessness when dealing with criminals.


Lois questions him, and his confused state makes it difficult for her to be certain.  He resembles Superman, and refers to Clark Kent, but of course all that is easy, as he is the Eradicator.


The issue also has a nifty poster insert of him.

I really did not mind in the slightest that this was so easy a “suspect” to dismiss.  His presence made sense, and he would appear a viable contender to anyone who had just come on board, and not read the last couple of years.


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