Action 690 – the Cyborg Superman’s schemes


Stern, Guice and Rodier have the Cyborg Superman execute his evil schemes in Action 690 (Aug. 93), as the Reign of the Supermen continues.


The Superman worshippers have split into rival cults, claiming different Supermen as the true one resurrected.  This has moved from debate into violence, and Maggie Sawyer’s men try to keep peace between them.


The Cyborg Superman and Mongul watch the construction of Engine City in the ruins of Coast City, as they hold Superboy captive.  The Cyborg Superman believes that he killed the Eradicator in the last chapter.


But that is not the case.  The Eradicator returned to the Fortress of Solitude, and tries to recharge off the birthing matrix.  But the real Superman is no longer inside it, and the Eradicator cannot completely heal himself.  The real Superman is in the Kryptonian battle suit, walking across the floor of the ocean towards Metropolis.


Before the Cyborg Superman moves onto his next step, he gets rid of most of the powerful heroes on Earth.  The Cyborg Superman can control broadcasts, and creates an image of Superboy to back up his accusations against the Eradicator, who he frames for the destruction of Coast City.  Captain Marvel, Dr Fate, Power Girl, the Ray, Guy Gardner, Wonder Woman, Maxima, the Martian Manhunter, Jade, and Alan Scott – Green Lantern all swallow the bait and head into space on a wild goose chase.

The story continues in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.


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