Action 692 – Superman checks out


Action 692 (Oct. 93) serves as an epilogue to the Reign of the Supermen story arc, by Stern, Kesel, Guice and Rodier.


The story begins as Superman helps search for survivors still buried in the rubble after the battle with Doomsday, and pulls Clark Kent out of the wreckage.  Lois Lane is there, along with Jimmy Olsen and his camera, and Cat Grant and an entire film crew, all capturing Superman and Clark Kent together.  “Superman” in this sequence is really Supergirl.


Aside from that, much of this issue is Superman getting examined.  Kitty Faulkner and Emil Hamilton both give him a clean bill of health.  Dr Occult makes his first appearance in Action Comics, although the issue tells us that he and Superman met before, a story to be told in an annual in a few months.  Dr Occult explains the mystical side of Superman’s resurrection, and how it would not likely happen again, and certainly not that way.


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