Action 695 – Cauldron debuts


The cover of Action 695 (Jan. 94) does the kind of thing I hate.  Lobo is featured, as if he is a significant character in the story, by Kesel, Guice and Rodier.


The story really deals with Cauldron, a hybrid clone-robot, created by Cadmus and given to the Metropolis police by Director Westfield, in an attempt to earn some good feeling for the no-longer-secret organization.


Westfield makes the mistake of saying disparaging things about Dabney Donovan at the press conference.  Donovan takes control of Cauldron, and instead of fighting crime, uses it to fight Superman.


Fair enough.  A pretty basic story.  No sign of Lobo at all.  Oh, except for the big last page, of him coming to Earth.  Like that warrants a cover appearance.


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