Action 696 – Superman finds the way home


Superman has been out in space for the last few issues, and by the time Action 696 (Feb. 94) comes along, he is completely lost, no thanks to Stern, Guice and Rodier.


Superman finds a planet with a massive city on it, but no sign of any people.  Nevertheless,a robotic Champion comes out of dormancy to protect the world from its perceived invader.


Back on Earth, Lois is pursuing the missing persons case of Sasha Green, who Luthor murdered in the Superman annual the previous year.  She has found evidence that Sasha did not leave after their workout, as Luthor claims.  Luthor is furious with Happersen for not cleaning up everything.


Superman and Champion fight until the city computers put their guardian back into dormancy, having determined that Superman is not a real threat.  The residents of this world are all in suspended animation, awaiting a time when their depleted world will be habitable again.  The computers control Champion as a protector, until the people get revived.  The computer gives Superman directions home.

Not bad.


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