Action 700 – the destruction of Metropolis


Action 700 is a big, oversized issue, part of the too-long Battle for Metropolis, as it becomes the Fall of Metropolis, but does not actually end that storyline.  Stern, Guise and Rodier are joined by Swan and Anderson.


The story opens just after Cadmus is blown up, leaving a huge crater in the ground, and a distraught Superboy.  He joins Superman and Supergirl as they try to stop the missiles flying all over the city.

This is all part of Luthor’s farewell to the city, as he expects to die imminently.  Happersen tends to him on his yacht, as Kelly goes to get needed supplies to keep him alive.


Lois Lane gets interviewed by Cat Grant, revealing evidence of Luthor’s murder of Sasha Green, as well as his hacking of the Daily Planet computer, and altering of her story.  Her source on everything?  Gretchen Kelly, who turned on Luthor, disgusted by his treatment of Supergirl.


Superman goes to arrest Luthor, and talks him out of his doomsday destruction device, pointing out that many in the city still view him as a hero and philanthropist, and that he shouldn’t throw it all away.  Luthor loses his fight, but Happersen does not, and activates the device, even though Luthor kills him to try to stop him.


Big Lexcorp missiles then go shooting through the city.  The GBS building gets destroyed, as does the Daily Planet.  Superman does, indeed, wind up in the streets, holding back the globe as it hurtles down, threatening to crush everyone.


All of this is intercut with Lana Lang and Pete Ross getting married, with Ma and Pa Kent in attendance.  Perry White is also shown, across the river from Metropolis, watching the destruction of the Planet.


Collin Thornton uses his powers as Lord Satanus to divert the missile intended for the Newstime building, and sends it to destroy Lexcorp instead.

And though the issue ends with Cadmus gone, Happersen dead, Luthor in custody, as well as Gretchen Kelly, this story does continue in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.


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