Action 703 – Metropolis fades to white


Action 703 (Sept. 94), by Michelinie, Guice and Rodier, is a Zero Hour crossover, the final week of the event.  Like all other issues released this week, the final couple of pages are just white, time has been erased.


The story starts with Superman dealing with reality flips, as he faces a Starro the Conqueror who won in his first battle with the Justice League.  Superman defeats the giant alien starfish.


Time begins to be erased, as those who are oldest simply start to disappear.  Perry White vanishes before the eyes of Lois and Clark, and Jimmy Olsen.


Superman then gets sucked into a reality in which the baby the Kents found was already dead, and no Superman had ever come into existence.  Being who he is, Superman manages to earn their trust and save their lives.  He also sees an open portal to his real parents, and tries to reach them.


Liri Lee, of the Linear Men, intercepts him, and takes him to Vanishing Point, and into the final issue of Zero Hour.


Lois Lane is left reporting as Metropolis vanishes around her.  One of the more effective uses of the fade to white page.


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