Action 705 – the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit vs Superman

act_705 Dead Again nears its conclusion in Action 705 (Dec. 94), by Michelinie, Guice and Rodier. act_705_003 Superman has stolen the corpse, and run every test on it that he can think of, but all evidence proves that it’s the body of Superman. act_705_001 This story also introduces Ramsey Murdoch, a serial killer who would eventually get the name Saviour. act_705_002 Superman is finding it very hard to tell what is real or not, and after all his rampages and attacks, Dan Turpin gets into a giant robot to confront Superman. act_705_004 Superman makes quick work of the robot, and almost kills Maggie Sawyer. act_705_005 Mxyzptlk, who had been my chief suspect in this, pops up to stop him from killing her.  Mxyztplk is having a lot of fun watching Superman fall apart, but he is not the mastermind behind this. act_705_006 The reader had already been made aware that Brainiac is the mover behind this scheme, and his mental powers prove greater than Orion and Lightray’s ability to withstand them.


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