Action 711 – Superman vs Conduit


Michelinie, Guice and Rodier add another chapter to the Death of Clark Kent in Action 711 (July1995), as Conduit puts Superman into a robotic fantasy version of Smallville for their final battle.


Lois Lane is still on the run, as are Ma and Pa Kent.  Everyone thinks everyone else is dead, which makes the scene where Lois and the Kents are both at the same gas station at the same time, but do not realize it, somewhat entertaining.


After putting Superman through a childish fantasy, in which everyone in Smallville loves Kenny and hates Clark, Conduit faces off with Superman in the football stadium.


Conduit is so determined to kill Superman that he overloads his own suit, and simply kills himself.

But just because Conduit is dead, that doesn’t mean this storyline is over.



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