Action 713 – Superman does not defeat Saviour


Michelinie, Dwyer and Rodier bring the Saviour story to the fore, and the cover, of Action 713 (Sept. 95).


Ramsey Murdoch realizes he can use his power, which allows him to create anything he thinks of, to reshape his own body, giving him super-strength.


He goes after Ron Troupe, who he feels wrote lies about him in the Daily Planet, and makes a Superman symbol in his own forehead.  He believes that Superman died, and the one fighting him is yet another phony, and his murderous mission is to rid the world of deceivers.


Superman has a very tough time against a man who is more powerful than him, simply because he thinks he is.  Saviour takes a child’s gun, and makes it shoot real kryptonite.


It’s Ron Troupe who brings Saviour down, cutting away at his self-esteem, and exposing his own lies and deceptions.  As Saviour loses confidence, his powers wane, until he becomes a plain old person again, and Superman takes him back to prison.  Saviour is kept unconscious in a big glass tube.


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