Action 714 – Superman does not defeat the Joker


The Joker returns to Metropolis in the Michelinie, Dwyer and Rodier story in Action 714 (Oct. 95).


A local toy manufacturer has released a line of dolls patterned after the Joker.  Clark and Lois attend the toy fair at which the dolls are being showcased, and just know that trouble is coming.


It is. The Joker shows up, and forces the manufacturer to become his “partner.”


The Joker rigs gas bombs at a parade, and Superman is kept busy saving the people.  Jimmy Olsen just walks right up to the Joker, who expects nothing from the boy, and punches him in the stomach.  Jimmy gets the toy manufacturer to safety, but the Joker gets away.


Cat Grant, who has become the news editor at GBS, hires Jimmy, impressed with his ability to both report and be the news.


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