Action 720 – the wrong time to go


Michelinie, Dwyer and Rodier take things to the breaking point in Action 720 (April 1996).


You gotta wonder why Lois is letting Lori Lemaris stay with her, when all she does is get angry with the girl, issue after issue.


Lucy and Ron make plans to go on a date together.  It’s sort of casual, but Lucy does mention that Jimmy has started seeing Dana.


As one romance blooms, another wilts, as Lois expresses her concerns about a relationship in which she will always come second to the needs placed on Superman.


They are having a really genuine, well-written discussion, when Superman becomes aware of a crazed general in a high-tech plane out on a rampage.  Lois demands that he stay and finish the conversation.  He leaves.


And so does she.


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