Action 722 – nothing at all to do with the movie by the same corporation


By a complete and total coincidence, Action 722 (June 1996) features a story about tornadoes with the word Twister on the cover.  DC is owned by Warner, who also produced the movie Twister, released around this time.  But they didn’t turn an issue of this venerable series into a mere ad for their movie. Well, ok, yes, they did.  Michelinie and Rodier are joined by Darick Robertson in this product placement.


At least it’s not awful.  Superman flies around dealing with evil tornadoes, which tend to split and go off in different directions and do all manner of annoying things.


Lois Lane bids farewell to Alpha Centurion as he leaves Earth for good.  It’s not a bad scene, but it is curious that it would take place in this book.  Alpha Centurion has barely appeared in the pages of Action.


Contessa Erica Del Portenza, who is after Lexcorp, as well as Lex himself, has been around in the other Superman books for a while, but makes her first appearance in Action.

The tornadoes keep on coming, much as they do in the movie, in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.


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