Action 723 – Brainiac in Superman’s body


Action 723 (July 1996) has the continuation of the most interesting Superman story in a while, as Brainiac has control of the hero’s body, while his mind has been placed into that of a troubled teen in a group home.  Tom Peyer and Mark Waid write, while the art is divided among Chris Renaud, Curt Swan, Chris Marrinan, Steven Butler, Dick Giordano and Pamela Eklund.


The boy goes through all manner of troubles to contact Lois Lane, but when she arrives at the group home, Superman fears that Brainiac will retaliate if he knows he contacted her.


In Superman’s body, Brainiac has constructed a device that will allow him to take control of minds all over the world.  But he needs something to broadcast his signal.


And Cat Grant is more than happy to provide it, as she schedules Superman to speak live on GBS.

The story continues in Superman – The Man of Steel.


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