Action 732 – Atomic Skull blasts Superman apart


Action 732 (April 1997) continues directly from the last issue of Adventures of Superman, as Atomic Skull blasts Superman, who dissolves into energy.


Michelinie, Grummett and Rodier have fun with the character, who is in fantasy state thinks that he has destroyed Dr. Electron.  As usual, he mistakes Lois for Zelda, the girlfriend of the Atomic Skull in the old film serial.


Superman has been turned into blue electricity, but retrieves his costume, and with focus and concentration, he can take human form.


Scorn begins his trek to Metropolis.  He emerged from Kandor in an earlier Superman book.


But Superman cannot use his new powers with any accuracy, they are as much a problem as the Atomic Skull.


Lois is the one to take the Skull down.  She gets rigged with a power damper, and gives him a loving hug, which traps him.




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