Action 733 – Electric Superman hunts for answers, and for Metallo.


Michelinie, Grummett and Rodier continue the battle with Metallo that also sees the adoption of the new outfit, to contain Superman’s electric blue energy, in Action 733 (May 1997).


Metallo, who can now merge with and take over any metal object, adding it to his body, heads to an amusement park on a pier for this issue’s fight with Superman.


And as Metallo heads for the pier, Superman takes the time to consult with the Ray about his new powers.  The Ray can transform into light, and helps Superman understand some things, but cannot explain why Superman’s human form can now be injured, or possibly killed.


Scorn is still tracking Superman, and almost reaches him this time.


Jimmy Olsen runs into Emil Hamilton.  Hamilton and Kitty Faulkner had created the containment suit for Superman, and Jimmy smells ratings.  He heads off with Emil to chat.


Another body gone, but they’re easy to replace, as Metallo spider walks away, and into the conclusion of the storyline, in Superman – The Man of Steel.


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