Action 736 – forming a new Revenge Squad


Michelinie, Grummet and Rodier begin a new Superman Revenge Squad story in this issue, although not all the members pictured on the cover appear in Action 736 (Aug. 97).


Clark Kent spends the story trapped in a mine shaft. He was doing a story on it, when the owner decided to bury hos troubles and caused a cave in.  There are gasses, and he cannot change to Superman, as the electric burst could ignite them.  He does lead the others in tunnelling out.


They don’t appear to be very far in, as the mine owner is still outside when they get through.  Superman gets into blue eletricness to bring him in.


Throughout the issue we have also seen a shadowy man get Barrage a new gun arm, and recruit the Parasite and the Rock.  Luthor is eliminated as a suspect, simply because the Rock has seen this man’s face, and, were it Luthor, he would have tried to kill him, not work for him.

The Revenge Squad story continues in Superman – The Man of Steel.


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