Action 737 – Jimmy Olsen on the run


Mark Waid, Grummett and Rodier follow up the last issue of Adventures of Superman, in which Jimmy hosted a big GBS special to reveal Superman’s identity, and then copped out, in Action 737 (Sept. 97).


The debacle was so great that Cat Grant has no choice but to let Jimmy go.


On the other hand, Intergang believe that Jimmy does know, and just backed down.  At Boss Moxie’s orders, Intergang goes after Olsen.


Lex Luthor’s trial has a showstopping moment, as Luthor’s clone is brought into the courtroom.  The defense is masterful, blaming the clone for every action taken since Luthor’s supposed death.  The judge has to dismiss the case.

This is not a clone of Luthor we have seen before. Luthor explains to his horrified lawyer that this clone was just created for the trial, and would die in a few days.


Luthor kept Superman out of town during the trial by having his people set off a volcano in the south Pacific.


Jimmy runs for help to the person he believes Superman really is – Collin Thornton.  Thornton is appalled at Jimmy, and sends him away.


Mocked, fired, not believed by the police, and on the run from the mob, Jimmy takes the motorcycle Bibbo gives him and leaves town.


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