Action 738 – a new villain, an old one, and Jimmy on the run


Stuart Immonen and Jose Marzan Jr become the new creative team with Action 738 (Oct. 97).


Superman returns to Earth, as this issue follows from the conclusion of the Genesis crossover series.  He encounters a weird looking, weirder acting man, who seems able to pass through anything.  Not named in this issue, he will come to be called Inkling.


And though Superman is not aware of it, he also brought the Cyborg Superman back to Earth.  In the final issue of Genesis, the Cyborg escaped from the Promethium Giants on the Source Wall, and got into the circuitry on Superman’s costume.


Intergang are still chasing Jimmy, somewhere outside Metropolis.


Jimmy enters the Wild Area, and runs into the biker gang that control it.  This is a re-write of events from the Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen series in the early 70s, when Kirby took over that book.

The story continues in Superman – The Man of Steel.


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