Action 739 – Deathtrap is Locksmith?


Carl Draper returns in Action 739 (Nov. 97), heading on vacation with his daughter Carla, in the story by Immonen and Marzan, but a lot of other things are happening as well.


There is a fire at a huge gala party, which Ashbury Armsrtong is attending with Scorn.


Superman was trying to help, but got pulled into an energy trap. Deathtrap looks the same as last time, or rather, his holographic image does, not now wants to be called Locksmith.


Scorn really gets to show his stuff, as he helps people out of the burning building.


Lois gets kidnapped as well, taken captive by that nasty foreign dictator who grabbed Clark during their honeymoon.


Superman gets out of Locksmith’s trap, and in an interesting coda, we discover that the trap was created by Carla Draper, not Carl.


Having learned that Lois was kidnapped, Sam Lane orders Clark Kent to accompany him on a mission to rescue his daughter.

The story continues in Superman – The Man of Steel.



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