Action 1,000,000 – Superman in the 853rd century


Action 1,000,000 (Nov.98) is a crossover issue with DC One Million, in which Mark Shultz, Ron Lim and Marzan send Superman to the 853rd century, as his counterpart comes to visit the present.


The Justice Leaguers are meant to compete in ceremonial games, and Superman is welcomed by descendants of Luthor and Jimmy Olsen.


Solaris, a sentient living sun/computer is the villain in this series, and he manipulates the games, and their coverage, to make it look like Superman is being impersonated by a destructive Bizarro.


Superman winds up having to fight the citizens of the future to defend himself.  A troop of Thanagarians show up, but their innate lack of trust works to Superman’s advantage.


Superman finds the one computer not under Solaris’ control, which happens to be the brain of Platinum, the last functioning member of the Metal Men.

The story continues in Adventures of Superman 1,000,000.


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