Action 744 – fighting the Millennium Giants


The Millennium Giants storyline serves as the climax of the Superman Red/Superman Blue period, and it’s a shame I don’t like it more. It’s a big crossover, tying in to Titans, Aquaman and the Challengers of the Unknown.  Immonen and Marzan are joined by Anthony Williams and Scott Koblish on Action 744 (May 1998).


The story continues from Adventures of Superman, opening with the heroes in Markovia, arguing over what to do.  Geo-Force wants Terra to stay and protect their country, but she opts to go with the Titans and address the threat directly.  Risk acts like a jerk, as he tends to.


Steel and Kyle Rayner,in the period when he was the only Green Lantern, have little success against Cerne.


Superman Red rushes in, not listening to the warnings of the Challengers, and gets blasted by the big stone one.  Superman Blue watches, and you just know he feels like the superior colour.


Superman Red does come up with a decent notion, exerting all his energy to lift the stone one completely out of the ground, taking it into space.  The Giant falls apart, but re-forms, and returns to Earth. Good try.

The story continues in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.


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