Action 745 – Superman, 1977


In the wake of the Superman Forever special, which concluded the Superman Red/Superman Blue era, each of the four Superman books seems to be set in a different time period.  The story arc will weave them all together, but Action 745 (June 1998) is firmly set in 1977, by Immonen, Williams, Marzan and Jimmy Palmiotti..


As was the case, Clark Kent and Lana Lang are news anchors at WGBS, although neither dresses as they did back then.  But that’s fine, it ups the 70s element.


What’s a bit more out of place is the use of the Prankster as the villain.  The Prankster barely appeared in the 70s.  Or the 80s or 90s for that matter.  And his “I’ve reformed” schtick is pure 40s.


Still, it’s a fun story.  The Prankster steals a ship, and pins a potentially deadly corsage on Lana Lang, to keep Superman at bay.


The story directly continues in the next issue, but indirectly continues in Superman – The Man of Steel.


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