Action 751 – too late to save Markovia


For the next few months all the Superman titles are devoted to the big, bloated and tedious Superman – King of the World story arc.  Action 751, by Immonen and Marzan, opens in Markovia, continuing from Adventures of Superman, as Superman and Geo-Force deal with the aftermath f a nuclear plant meltdown.


Superman’s guilt over the situation, which he foresaw in a prophetic dream, convinces him that he needs to act immediately on his dreams.


Dirk Armstrong gets a sympathetic scene.Scorn has left Ashbury, who comes to see her father, blaming him.  Scorn has left her a note, but being blind and all, she cannot read it.  She asks her father to, but the note is in an alien script, and he can’t, which she interprets as, he won’t.

The story continues in Superman – The Man of Steel.


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