Action 752 – Lois Lane vs the Supermen of America


Superman is far too busy protecting the world to actually appear in Action 752 (March 1999), by Immonen and Marzan, so the story deals with Lois Lane, and a piece she writes that is highly critical of the Supermen of America.


Lois misses Clark, and is not happy at all about Superman’s obsessive behaviour.


She is also not keen on the group of young heroes, sponsored by Luthor, who have taken to fighting crime in the city, and show a lack of training and judgement.  Outburst leads the team, and is the only one to sort of verge of capableness.


Jimmy, Dirk and Simone hover around Lois as she submits her scathing article, which gets rejected, as Simone told her it would. The story continues in the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.


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