Action 754 – Dominus dominates


Immonen, Millar and Marzan follow up the Superman – King of the World special in Action 754 (May 1999).


The Fortress has been destroyed, with a massive amount of kryptonite.  Superman discovers that he is alive, but in a region called the Phantom Zone.  This is not anything much like the Phantom Zone we know.


Luthor is up in space, having dropped the kryptonite on the satellite, and is facing all the Superman robots.  Outburst comes to his aid, unaware that Luthor left him to die. Wonder Woman, who had been down by the Fortress, helps save Lex as well.


Dominus has been behind it all, the prophetic dreams and such, driving Superman to madness.  He gloats to Lois.


We learn that Dominus and Kismet are both from an other-dimensional race.  When one of them was transformed into Kismet, the other got jealous, killed every single other member of his people, and used their energy to become Dominus.


The one solid surprise I liked in this story was the revelation that the Superman robot that had protected Lois was really the Martian Manhunter.

The story drags on into the next issue of Superman – The Man of Steel.


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