Action 760 – Encantadora debuts


Joe Kelly, German Garcia and Joe Rubenstein begin their run on this book with Action 760 (Dec. 99), a guest-star packed romp that introduces a mystical con artist, Encantadora.


The story opens with Dr. Spectro announcing that Superman will never defeat him, now that he has kryptonite.  He doesn’t.  It’s a fake.  Bought from the same woman who sold fake kryptonite to Clock King.  And to the Body Doubles.


Superman tracks down Encantadora, this mistress of caveat emptor, as she is about to sell of another phony to highest bidder.  The Riddler is one of the villains vying for it.  And though she is selling fakes, it seems that she has some real stuff, which brings Superman to his knees.

The story stays on the light-hearted side, as Encantadora sends Superman on a wild goose chase.  Young Justice make a cameo, but it’s Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia who set Superman on the right track.


Encatandora does not have any real kryptonite at all.  She has a necklace that gives off a magical gas, which makes people believe what she tells them.  He only thought he was exposed to real kryptonite because she told him he was.


Superman takes her off to jail, but she really doesn’t seem to take it personally.

A very enjoyable start to Kelly’s long run.


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