Action 762 – Etrigan plays Santa Claus


Kelly, Garcia and Rubenstein are joined by Jose Angel Cano Lopez on a really fun Christmas story in Action 762 (Feb. 00).


Clark winds up having to do some last minute shopping, and heads to the mania of the mall.  Encatadora heads there as well, to buy presents for her younger brother.


It can’t be a very nice mall if a demon from hell is working as Santa Claus.


The Demon sends Superman flying, all the way to the JLA Watchtower on the Moon, to Green Lantern and Plastic Man’s surprise.  Encantadora tries a seductive approach with Etrigan, but her magic mists are what he is after.  He takes control of their powers, and uses them to make people’s fears come true.


Superman thinks this is malicious, but it is actually benevolent, in a demonic sort of way.  The fears are brought out as small and ridiculous, and able to defeat.

Etrigan says he is doing this as part of a scheme to kill his Jason Blood side, but exactly how that is to work is not clear.  This story is the Demon’s first appearance since his starring role in the Day of Judgement miniseries.

The story also gives the reader an idea of exactly how powerful Encantadora has the potential of being.


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