Action 764 – Superman tries to rekindle the fire


Kelly, Lopez and Rubenstein bring trouble to paradise in Action 764 (April 200).


The issue begins with a really nice montage of Clark and Pa Kent looking at sunrises, while talking about issues in Clark’s life, as he grows.  The story contains a few more of these scenes in the present.

In fact, much of this issue takes place in Smallville, as Superman helps out when a large fire breaks out.  He gets to talk about his relationship troubles with endlessly patient Lana.


Luthor orders all of Lexcorp to deny flat out that there was ever a child at Lexcorp, and has Lena’s nursery sealed off.  Hope and Mercy, his new bodyguards, have appeared already, but this is their first time in the pages of Action.


Superman brings Lois to the airship the Constitution, where they first met, to have a romantic dinner and start anew. He gives her, as a present, her old tape recorder.

She says they need some time apart.


And as the issue ends, Superman finds himself getting ill, so sick that his sneezes threaten to move the Moon out of orbit, or so the Martian Manhunter tells him.



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