Action 765 – Harley Quinn comes to Metropolis


Kelly, Lopez and Alquiza have a lot of fun in Action 765 (May 2000), as the Joker and Harley Quinn come to Metropolis, returning the “visit” after Lex Luthor’s time in Gotham at the end of No Man’s Land.


Things are clearly very bad between Lois and Clark when she complains about the way he shaves.


The Joker wears a bald cap, and has mind controlled bald drones who ramble on with Luthor-isms.  Such as, my favourite, “I have a veal pillow.”

I almost used that as the title for this entry.


Mercy and Harley go at it for three rounds, spaced throughout the issue, to the delight of the men who watch them rip and tear at each other.  There is no winner, they both get mowed down by the Joker as he speeds away in his car.


But before he leaves, the Joker releases a giant killer Lena Luthor doll, which is so appalling it made me howl with laughter.  Luthor does manage to short out the doll, using the B13 tech, but the Joker gets away, as noted earlier.


The Joker isn’t the only one to get away.  Clark gets a note from Lois.  She has left him.



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