Action 767 – how many heroes can fit inside Superman?


Death hovers in Action 767 (July 2000), as Kelly, Lopez and Alquiza conclude the Critical Condition story arc.  The Atom, Steel, Superboy and Supergirl have been reduced and entered the body of Superman, removing and fighting and kryptonite poisoning.  While on the outside, Encantadora has brought Deathstroke into the room, where he stabs Lois Lane.


Steel’s armor has been stolen by the Prankster, who is also inside Superman.  It’s getting mighty crowded in there.  But the Prankster has no chance, Steel knows his armor better than anyone else.


Sueprgirl leaves Superman’s body, when she senses Lois’ trauma.  She convinces a regretful Encantadora to use her magic to bring Lois back from the verge of death.


The climax of the two plot lines is done exceptionally well, with many small panels, cross-cutting the events,and building the suspense.  It makes it feel like a real triumph when both Superman and Lois survive, and the other heroes make it out alive.



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