Action 769 – who controls the world?


A great series of covers, and an excellent overall story arc help make Action 769 (Sept. 00) one of the most enjoyable Superman stories.


Kelly, Lopez and Alquiza continue the strange saga of Superman – Arkham, as Superman finds himself the only sane person on Earth.  Steel is kind of rational, but stuck in a Tin Man outfit.  The story arc introduces quite a few new villains, although some do not appear again.  Gorgeous Gilly makes quite the first impression.


Superboy shares the cover with another new villains, Ignition.  Superboy has been forced to work at fast food joint, under the Guardian, who spouts an odd philosophy of fast food. Bizarro, the hero of the world, crashes through their store and destroys it, but it is instantly back the way it was.  Superboy is furious, but in his rage, he discovers how powerful he is.


On the other hand, there is nothing at all funny about Ignition.  Except for being introduced in this story arc, he really does not seem to fit here.  Which was done intentionally.  He doesn’t.


Mxyzptlk has been popping up throughout this story arc, in all the different guises he has used over the years.  I fell for that, and simply assumed Myzptlk was behind this all.  But there was a more insane mind creating this world – the Joker.

This issue leads directly in to the Emperor Joker special.



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