Action 773 – Ra’s Al Ghul’s flying pirate ship of Lazarus Pit dreams


I really love Ra’s Al Ghul’s flying pirate ship, with its tendrils of Encantadora’s mist, that are the major location in this story.  A shame it didn’t make it onto the cover of Action 773 (Jan. 01).


Ra’s uses Encantadora, but otherwise she is sidelined for much of this, worrying about her little brother.  Talia also uses Superman as her muscle, but at least she argues with her father.


In an awkward sequence, Lois wins the affections of the Scarlet Scythe by stabbing him, and he allows her to escape.  Between that and Lois’ prominent cleavage, this is all just cheesy.


As Superman and Ra’s battle in the dream/Lazarus pit, Talia retrieves Encatadora’s brother.


Superman merges with the pit and dream energy, which try to take control of him, but he fights them off.  He gets all over the place in the last few pages, winding up with Lois and Jimmy in Africa, and then back in the US.  It’s a jumpy, choppy ending.


Superman brings Encantadora to Maggie Sawyer, as she agreed to turn herself in. But as soon as Superman leaves, she disappears, promising to be a good girl from now on.


The only thing that has to do with Luthor’s run for the White House, as proclaimed on the cover, is the very end, as Luthor puts Talia in charge of Lexcorp.


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